Project Description

Social media can be a valuable tool for marketing and engagement. With social platforms taking increasingly important roles in today’s digital communications landscape, organizations and individuals can leverage opportunities to provide their stakeholders with relevant and timely information that creates brand awareness and community engagement.

Learn how to maximise your online presence and extend that all-important reach; discover how to harness the potential of blogging, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn for engagement, lead generation and brand awareness; understand the value of content marketing, and how to create compelling copy and images to boost your visibility and credibility; then demonstrate the effectiveness of your digital campaigns through measurement and reportage.


You’ll learn not only the best tools to execute your social media strategy, but how to implement an effective social media strategy that integrates with your organization’s overall marketing or communications strategy. You’ll identify the nuances of marketing in a digitally savvy world, challenges that social media presents and practices to manage them effectively.

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